General Knowledge MCQs With Answers Set 7

General knowledge mcqs set 7

General knowledge MCQs set 7 comprises 30 most important general knowledge questions with answers. These mcqs are taken from previous PPSC, FPSC, CSS, NTS and PMS past papers. A candidate must prepare general knowledge multiple choice questions before appearing any competitive exam because it is the essential part of every job test.

General Knowledge Questions With Answers Set 7

1. Nanga Parbat is the highest peak of _____?
A). Karakoram
B). Himalayan
C). Hindu Kush
D). Suleman Range
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Correct: B

2. Dr. Abdul Salam, 1st Nobel Prize recipient of Pakistan got his Ph.D degree from which university?
A). University of London
B). Howard University
C). University of Cambridge
D). Oxford University
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Correct: C

3. "Wealth of Nations" was written by _____?
A). Adam Smith
B). Max Weber
C). Karl Marx
D). Shakespeare
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Correct: A

4. Statue of Liberty was given to USA by _____?
A). Britain
B). France
C). Italy
D). Germany
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Correct: B

5. Watergate scandal is related to _____?
A). Spying
B). Dam issues
C). Canal water issues
D). Terrorism issues
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Correct: A

6. The article 3 of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of UN relates to _____?
A). Health
B). Nutrition
C). Environment
D). Education
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Correct: A

7. The Treaty of Versailles settled peace in _____?
A). Europe
B). Middle East
C). America
D). Africa
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Correct: A

8. International Monetary Fund (IMF) was created after the _____?
A). Malta conference
B). London Conference
C). Round Table conference
D). Bretton wood conference
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Correct: D

9. China have claim on part of Indian province of _____?
A). Madhya Pradesh
B). Arunachal Pradesh
C). Himachal Pradesh
D). United Province
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Correct: B

10. "Deal of the century" presented by US President Donald Trump related to _____?
A). US China trade
B). Palestine issue
C). US Iran relations
D). US Russia Relations
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Correct: B

11. The lengthiest written constitution of the world is _____?
A). British Constitution
B). Indian Constitution
C). Chinese Constitution
D). French Constitution
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Correct: B

12. Ho Chi Minh was _____?
A). Leader of Vietnam
B). Leader of Laos
C). Leader of Japan
D). Leader of Thailand
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Correct: A

13. Soviet Union was replaced by Russian Federation in _____?
A). October, 1991
B). November, 1991
C). December, 1991
D). January, 1992
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Correct: C

14. Kyoto Protocol came into force in _____?
A). 2003
B). 2005
C). 2006
D). 2007
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Correct: B

15. Pakistan installed her first nuclear power station in Karachi with the cooperation of _____?
A). France
C). Canada
D). China
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Correct: C

16. Hugo Shavez was leader of _____?
A). Venezuela
B). Brazil
C). Haiti
D). Cuba
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Correct: A

17. The Bolshevik Revolution took place in _____?
A). 1915
B). 1917
C). 1919
D). 1979
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Correct: B

18. In 2018, German Chancellor Angela Merkel was sworn in for _____?
A). Second time
B). Third time
C). Fourth time
D). Fifth time
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Correct: C

19. The World Water Day celebrated every year on?
A). March 22
B). March 23
C). April 22
D). April 23
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Correct: A

20. India represents what percent of South Asia's population?
A). 40%
B). 55%
C). 70%
D). 20%
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Correct: C

21. Oceans cover how much of the earth's surface?
A). 70%
B). 71%
C). 75%
D). 76%
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Correct: A

22. How many members are there in the Security Council?
A). 14
B). 15
C). 16
D). 18
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Correct: B

23. SAPTA la a trade agreement by _____?
A). ASEAN Nations
B). SAARC Nations
C). APEC Nations
D). EU Nations
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Correct: B

24. What is the brightest planet in the solar system?
A). Jupiter
B). Mercury
C). Uranus
D). Venus
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Correct: D

25. Dome of Rock is located in _____?
A). Iraq
B). Lebanon
C). Jordan
D). Jerusalem
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Correct: D

26. How many countries are members of SAARC?
A). 5
B). 6
C). 7
D). 8
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Correct: D

27. How many official wording languages are recognized by UNO?
A). 4
B). 6
C). 8
D). None of these
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Correct: B

28. The second largest desert of the world is _____?
A). Arabian
B). Sahara
C). Gobi
D). Great Bear
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Correct: A

29. Which of the following country has no boundary with Syria?
A). Iran
B). Iraq
C). Turkey
D). Israel
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Correct: A

30. Vasco da Gama was the native of _____?
A). Italy
B). France
C). Portugal
D). Spain
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Correct: C

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