Fundamental of Computer MCQs

Fundamental of Computer multiple choice questions with answers

Fundamental of Computer Introduction

A computer is an electronic machine which takes raw facts and figures as data input and process it by using his brain processor and convert it into useful information. The computer has an input unit, processing unit, storage unit, and output unit. A computer can not work without its driver and that is the operating system. Without an operating system, the computer is useless. The input unit has input devices such as a mouse, keyboard, joystick. Similarly output unit has output devices such as to monitor, printer, plotter, etc.

Fundamental of computer deals all computer basic topics such as history of computers, generation of computers, classification of computers, computer peripherals, storage devices, computer security systems, computer viruses, Microsoft Windows, computer motherboard structure, hardware and software, input and output devices, computer buses, semiconductor memories, memory units, types of Ram, types of Rom, data execution, working of a computer, functions of processing unit, microprocessor, temporary and permanent storage, logical circuits, logic gates, truth tables, modulation and demodulation, basic input and output system (BIOS), multiprogramming concepts, bit, byte, nibble, word, communication channels, operating system functions, electronic mail, memories types, animation, 3D image creator, computer registers, portable devices, data transfer devices, computer printer types, computer languages and important terms related to computer.


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Fundamental of Computer MCQs

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