Fundamentals of Computer MCQ Questions With Answers Set 7

Fundamentals of Computer MCQ Questions With Answers Set 7

Computer science mcqs, fundamentals of computer MCQs, basic computer multiple choice questions with answers set 7. Fundamentals of computer MCQs set 7 include the MCQs related to topics such as computer memories, portable devices, data transfer devices, computer printer types, computer languages, scheduling, history of computers, impact printers, LaserJet printer and operating system.

Fundamental of computer means all the basic knowledge of the computer terms, functions, and technology. Our Fundamental of computer multiple choice questions with answers sets covers the topics such as the history of computers, generation of computers, classification of computers, inventors of computers, vendors of computers, the computer used technologies, computer hardware and software, computer peripherals, storage devices, computer security risks, computer viruses, windows operating system, computer onboard devices and important terms related to computer technology.

Fundamentals of Computer MCQ Questions With Answers Set 7

1. The memory which is programmed at the time it is manufactured is ?
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Correct: A

2. Which memory is non volatile and may be written only once ?
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Correct: D

3. Which of the following statements is wrong ?
A). magnetic core memory, RAMs and ROMs have constant access time
B). magnetic tape is non volatile
C). semiconductor memories are used as mass memory medium
D). An EPROM can be programmed, erased and reprogrammed by the user with an EPROM programming instrument
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Correct: D

4. The fastest type of memory is ?
A). tape
B). semiconductor memory
C). disk
D). bubble memory
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Correct: B

5. In magnetic disks data is organized on the platter in a concentric sets or rings called?
A). sector
B). track
C). head
D). block
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Correct: B

6. Mostly which of the following device is used to carry user files?
B). Hard Disk
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Correct: A

7. When we move from the outermost track to the innermost track in a magnetic disk, the density
A). increases
B). decreases
C). remains the same
D). either remains constant or decreases
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Correct: A

8. What type of printers are Dot Matrix Printers?
A). Laser
B). Inkjet
C). Impact
D). Drum
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Correct: C

9. What is the full form of RAM?
A). Read Access Memory
B). Random Access Memory
C). Rapid access Memory
D). none
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Correct: B

10. Which of the following device can be used to directly input printed text?
B). Mouse
D). Joystick
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Correct: A

11. Which device can draw continuous lines?
A). daisy wheel
B). plotter
C). chain printer
D). impact printer
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Correct: B

12. In which storage device, recording is done by burning tiny pits on a circular disk?
A). punched cards
B). floppy disk
C). magnetic tape
D). optical disk
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Correct: D

13. Which of the following printers uses light beam and electrostatically sensitive black powder?
A). dot matrix printer
B). daisy wheel printer
C). chain printer
D). laser printer
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Correct: D

14. The primary purpose of an operating system is ?
A). to make the most efficient use of the computer hardware
B). to allow people to use the computer
C). to keep system programmers employed
D). to make computers fast
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Correct: A

15. The operating system manages?
A). memory
B). processor
C). disk and I/O devices
D). all of the above
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Correct: D

16. Scheduling is?
A). allowing job to use the processor
B). unrelated performance considerations
C). quite simple to implement, even on large mainframes computers
D). the same regardless of the purpose of the system
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Correct: A

17. Which of the following translator program converts assembly language program to object program?
A). assembler
B). compiler
C). macro processor
D). linker
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Correct: A

18. Impact printers?
A). strike a ribbon against the paper to produce character images.
B). include inkjet and thermal devices
C). are more expensive than laser printers
D). use optical technology
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Correct: A

19. Who built the first Mechanical Calculator?
A). Joseph Marie Jacquard
B). John Mauchly
C). Blaise Pascal
D). Howard Aiken
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Correct: C

20. The earliest calculating devices are?
A). Abacus
B). Clock
C). Difference Engine
D). None of these
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Correct: A

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