General Knowledge MCQs With Answers Set 3

General Knowledge MCQs for NTS

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General Knowledge MCQs For NTS with Answers Set 3

1. "Mein Kampf" is autobiography of_____?
A). Adolf Hitler
B). Posternak
C). Geothe
D).B. Navakov
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Correct: A

2. Who composed the verses of the national anthem?
A). Faiz Ahmed Faiz
B). Josh Malieh Abadi
C). Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi
D). Abdul Asar Hafeez Jalandhri
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Correct: D

3. Which of the following is the lightest gas?
A). Ammonia
B). Nitrogen
C). Carbon dioxide
D). Hydrogen
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Correct: D

4. Dialysis is used for people with the defective_____?
A). Liver
B). Heart
C). Kidneys
D). Diffusion
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Correct: C

5. Who was the first viceroy of India?
A). Lord Canning
B). Lord Mayo
C). Lord Ripon
D). Lord Curzon
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Correct: A

6. Napoleon Bonaparte was a king of_____?
A). Italy
B). Spain
C). France
D). Russia
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Correct: C

7. Who was the first Asian to have received the Nobel Prize in 1913?
A). C.V. Raman
B). Rabinder Nath Tagore
C). Mother Teresa
D). I.A. Bunin
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Correct: B

8. Which bank provided 80 million loans for making first budget of Pakistan?
C). NB
D). Habib Bank
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Correct: D

9. When the banks were nationalized in Pakistan?
A). 1971
B). 1972
C). 1973
D). 1974
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Correct: D

10. CPU is the abbreviation of_____?
A). Central programming unit
B). Central Processing Unit
C). Central power unit
D). Computer Processing Unit
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Correct: B

11. Where is the Kallar kahar Lake situated?
A). Chakwal
B). Jhelum
C). Murree
D). Sialkot
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Correct: A

12. Debates is a diseases of______?
A). Kidneys
B). Lungs
C). Pancreas
D). Liver
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Correct: C

13. Harappa city is situated on the bank of_____?
A). Ravi river
B). Chenab river
C). Satluj river
D). Indus river
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Correct: A

14. Sim stands for_____?
A). Single inline module
B). Subscriber identity module
C). Single inline memory
D). Subscriber identification model
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Correct: B

15. Which is the biggest bird in the world?
A). Kiwi
B). Eagle
C). Ostrich
D). None of these
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Correct: C

16. Who was the first President of Pakistan?
A). Zafarullah Khan
B). Muhammad Ali Bogra
C). General Sikandar Mirza
D). Abdul Rab Nishtar
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Correct: C

17. Who was the first elected President of Pakistan?
A). Muhammad Ali Bogra
B). Ayub Khan
C). Abdul Rab Nishter
D). Zafarullah Khan
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Correct: B

18. Who was the first president of United States?
A). George Washington
B). Truman
C). Abraham Lincoln
D). Thomas Jefferson
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Correct: A

19. Who was the first Prime Minister of England?
A). Richard Attlee
B). Pit The Younger
C). Sir Robert Walpole
D). Castle Rough
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Correct: C

20. Battle of Pallasy was fought between Siraj-ud-doala and_____?
A). Lord Canning
B). Shah Alam
C). Lord Clive
D). Warren Hasten
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Correct: C

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