General Knowledge MCQs Set 8

mcqs of general knowledge set 8

General knowledge questions with answers set 8 include thirty most important repeated mcqs of general knowledge which are grabs from past competitive exams papers. All gk questions are mcqs based which have four options in which one option is true. Mostly mcqs are on world gk questions with answers. We list all gk questions with answers in English language so everyone from any country can prepare for their exams.

General Knowledge MCQs With Answers Set 8

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1. Arab spring movement in Middle East started from which country?

2. Timbaktu is the famous city of _____?

3. Three Gorges Dam is located in _____?

4. According to science, the Earth is _____ years old.

5. After the United States, the largest number of Nobel Laureates are from _____?

6. Kurt Waldheim was an Austrian diplomat and statesman who served two terms as the _____ secretary general of the United Nations.

7. The General Assembly and the Security Council select the judges of the International Court of Judges for the period of 9 years The ICJ is comprised of _____ judges.

8. Who among the following was the penultimate viceroy of British India?

9. Taj Mahal was built by Shah Jahan to immortalize his wife Mumtaz Mahal. Its construction spanned 22 years. When was the project commenced?

10. International Mother Language is celebrated on _____?

11. Which among the given options is the capital of Kazakhstan?

12. SCO, Shanghai Cooperation Organization was established in _____?

13. Amnesty International is an international non-governmental organization for Human Rights it was founded in _____?

14. 'King of Pop'. Michael Jackson was an American singer songwriter and dancer. He died in _____?

15. Who among the following is known Poet of Beauty?

16. World Food Program an organization of the United Nations was created at the behest of _____?

17. Asabiyya, a concept of social solidarity with an emphasis on unity, was given by _____?

18. Muhammad Ibn e Zakaria AI-Razi was a polymath physician, alchemist and philosopher from _____?

19. Al-Oanun fi at-tibb is an encyclopaedia of medicine in five books written by _____?

20. Who among the following discovered the sunspots?

21. How many'countries are there in Asia?

22. Who among the following invented bifocal spectacles and lightning rod?

23. Mars, neighbour of Earth, has natural satellites.

24. Max Planck won Nobel Prize in 1918 for the discover of _____?

25. Paris Climate Agreement was adopted in _____?

26. The United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) also known as RIO Summit was held in _____?

27. The World Day to Combat Desertification and drought is a United Nations is observed on _____?

28. The largest famine hit Ethiopia in _____?

29. Literacy rate in Christian world is 100% compared to that literacy rate in Muslim world is _____?

30. Indian Railway started operation in _____?

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