General Knowledge MCQs With Answers Set 5

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General knowledge multiple choice questions with answers series started according to the new educator test pattern of NTS, PPSC, FPSC and others jobs tests. There are 10 general knowledge mcqs in educators jobs NTS tests. Candidates should prepare general knowledge mcqs before appearing in educators NTS tests or lecturers, Headmaster, subject specialist PPSC tests.

General Knowledge MCQs for NTS Set 5

1. How many alphabets are in Urdu language?
A). 30
B). 32
C). 37
D). 40
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Correct: C

2. Which is the national game of Pakistan?
A). Polo
B). Football
C). Hockey
D). Cricket
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Correct: C

3. The Peacock Throne was made for_____?
A). Jahangir
B). Akbar
C). ShahJahan
D). Aurangzeb
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Correct: C

4. When Pakistan became Islamic Jamhooria?
A). 23 March 1946
B). 23 March 1953
C). 23 March 1954
D). 23 March 1956
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Correct: D

5. How much forest area Pakistan has?
A). 4.8 percent
B). 5.2 percent
C). 6 percent
D). 10 percent
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Correct: B

6. How much forest area a country should have?
A). 15%
B). 20%
C). 25%
D). 30%
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Correct: C

7. Name the king who fell from the horse while playing polo and died?
A). Ghori
B). Akbar
C). Zaheeruddin Babar
D). Qutbuddin Aibak
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Correct: D

8. The local body government system was introduced in sub-continent in_____?
A). 1881
B). 1882
C). 1883
D). 1884
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Correct: D

9. The origin of the idea of Pakistan is associated with the name of_____?
A). Sir Syed
B). Allama Iqbal
C). Quaid-e-Azam
D). Liaqat Ali Khan
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Correct: B

10. Davis Cup is associated with which of the following sports?
A). Cricket
B). Volleyball
C). Badminton
D). Tennis
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Correct: D

11. Book "Jinnah of Pakistan" is written by_____?
A). Hector Bolitho
B). K.K Aziz
C). Stanley Wolpert
D). G. Allana
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Correct: C

12. The famous book the "The origin of Species" is written by_____?
A). Tennyson
B). Charles Darwin
C). Karl Marx
D). Virgil
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Correct: B

13. When first census was conducted in Pakistan?
A). 1951
B). 1952
C). 1953
D). 1954
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Correct: A

14. Which one of the following planets has the maximum number of satellites?
A). Jupiter
B). Saturn
C). Venues
D). Uranus
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Correct: A

15. Which is the largest planet?
A). Venues
B). Earth
C). Jupiter
D). Mars
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Correct: C

16. Which country has shortest coastline in the world?
A). Grenada
B). Monaco
C). Malta
D). San Marino
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Correct: B

17. Archipelago is a cluster of_____?
A). Flowers
B). Island
C). Stars
D). Trees
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Correct: B

18. Which neighbour country of Pakistan is called landlocked country?
A). India
B). Afghanistan
C). China
D). Iran
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Correct: B

19. Saindak project is producing copper, silver, ______ with the help of China.
A). Iron
B). Gold
C). Silver
D). Lead
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Correct: B

20. Foundation of Indian National Congress by A.O.Hume in_____?
A). 1877
B). 1878
C). 1885
D). 1892
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Correct: C

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