General Knowledge MCQs With Answers Set 4

General Knowledge MCQs for NTS

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General Knowledge MCQs for NTS Set 4

1. Foundation of Muslim League was at_____?
A). Lahore
B). Dhaka
C). Aligarh
D). Karachi
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Correct: B

2. First country who issued currency notes in the world?
A). China
B). Greece
C). Italy
D). Russia
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Correct: A

3. "Spirit of Islam" book was written by_____?
A). Sir Syed Ahmed Khan
B). Syed Ameer Ali
C). Maulana Zafar Ali
D). Arifa Ashfaq
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Correct: B

4. Babar's Tomb is situated in_____?
A). Delhi
B). Agra
C). Kabul
D). Lahore
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Correct: C

5. Who invented the paper?
A). Spanish
B). Egyptian
C). French
D). Chinese
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Correct: D

6. USA consists on how many states?
A). 50
B). 52
C). 53
D). 48
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Correct: A

7. Khanki Headworks is situated on the river_____?
A). Chenab
B). Indus
C). Ravi
D). Jhelum
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Correct: A

8. Braille education system was introduced by Braille for______?
A). Dumb
B). Blinds
C). Deaf
D). All of above
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Correct: B

9. ATM is an abbreviation of_____?
A). Automated teller machine
B). Automatic tell machine
C). Automobile text machine
D). None of these
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Correct: A

10. Name the countries through which equator passes?
A). Indonesia
B). China
C). Malta
D). Pakistan
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Correct: A

11. Martin Cooper is known for his invention of_____?
A). Solar energy
B). Digital camera
C). X-Ray
D). Mobile phone
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Correct: D

12. Plants exhale at night?
A). Oxygen
B). Carbon dioxide
C). Nitrogen
D). Hydrogen
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Correct: B

13. Which of the following is the parliament of Japan?
A). Folketing
B). Knesset
C). Diet
D). Sturting
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Correct: C

14. When Pakistan won the cricket World Cup?
A). 1996
B). 1992
C). 1999
D). 2003
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Correct: B

15. Hamas was founded by_____?
A). Sheikh Ahmed Yaseen
B). Khalid Mashaal
C). Ismail Haniyah
D). Yasir Arafat
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Correct: A

16. Who wrote the national anthem?
A). Josh Malieh Abadi
B). Abdul Asar Hafeez Jalandhari
C). Faiz Ahmed Faiz
D). Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi
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Correct: B

17. Who composed the tune of national anthem?
A). Ahemad Ghulam Ali Chagla
B). M. Ashraf
C). A. Hameed
D). Tahir Ali
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Correct: A

18. When the national anthem of Pakistan was approved?
A). August 1945
B). August 1952
C). August 1950
D). 13 August 1954
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Correct: D

19. How many lines each stanza of national anthem is comprised of?
A). 6 lines
B). 4 lines
C). 7 lines
D). 5 lines
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Correct: D

20. Gandhara art is related to?
A). Mohenjo Daro
B). Kot Digi
C). Harappa
D). Taxila
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Correct: D

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