General Knowledge MCQs With Answers Set 1

general knowledge mcqs for NTS

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General knowledge mcqs series started according to the new test pattern of NTS, PPSC, FPSC and others jobs tests. There are 10 general knowledge mcqs in educators jobs NTS tests. Candidates should prepare general knowledge mcqs before appearing in educators NTS tests or lecturers, Headmaster, subject specialist PPSC tests.

General Knowledge MCQs for NTS with answers set 1

1. Boundary line between India and China is called______?
A). Radcliffe line
B). Green line
C). Control line
D). McMahan line
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Correct: D

2. The name of parliament of China is_____?
A). National people's Congress
B). National Congress
C). National people's assembly
D). parliament
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Correct: A

3. Who designed first stamp of Pakistan and approved by Quaid-i-Azam?
A). Abdur Rahman Chugtai
B). Abdul Asar Hafeez
C). Ahmed G. Chagla
D). Mahmood Alam
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Correct: A

4. Bethlehem is associated with_______?
A). Martin Luther King
B). Jesus Christ
C). St. Anatomy
D). St. Marry
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Correct: B

5. What is the importance of city Baku?
A). Tanning industry
B). Oil centre
C). Sea port
D). Coal mining
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Correct: B

6. Wimbledon known for lawn tennis courts is in_______?
A). London
B). New York
C). Geneva
D). Washington
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Correct: A

7. Golan Heights belonging to country A was captured by country B which of the following A and B respectively?
A). Syria and Israel
B). Israel and Iraq
C). Iran and Iraq
D). Kuwait and Iraq
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Correct: A

8. Which place of the world is called "city of peace"?
A). Baghdad
B). Venice
C). Rome
D). Quito
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Correct: A

9. Which place is called the Brasilia of Pakistan
A). Karachi
B). Queta
C). Islamabad
D). Lahore
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Correct: C

10. Which city is called city of seven hills?
A). Himalayas
B). Rome
C). Venice
D). None of these
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Correct: B

11. Angkor Wat is located in______?
A). Cambodia
B). Thailand
C). Russia
D). Vietnam
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Correct: A

12. AFP is the news agency of_______?
A). France
B). Iran
C). Pakistan
D). Afghanistan
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Correct: A

13. WAFA is a news agency of_____?
A). Jordan
B). Palestine
C). Syria
D). Pakistan
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Correct: B

14. RAW is an abbreviation of_______?
A). Red Army wing
B). Research and Analysis Wing
C). Research and warning
D). None of these
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Correct: B

15. Scotland yard secret agency is belongs to______?
A). Russia
B). Britain
C). Canada
D). Israel
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Correct: B

16. Oldest airline of the Pakistan is_______?
A). Orient Airways
B). Pakistan airline
C). Aero Asia airline
D). Shaheen airline
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Correct: A

17. Operation Midnight Jackal was launched to?
A). Topple Benazir government in 1996
B). Topple Nawaz Sharif government in 1999
C). Topple Benazir government in 1989
D). Capture Kargil Heights
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Correct: A

18. Which gas was used for the first time in World War I?
A). Nitrogen
B). Chlorine
C). Hydrogen
D). Helium
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Correct: B

19. Who was the president of USA during World War I?
A). Theodore Roosevelt
B). Calvin Coolidge
C). James Buchanan
D). Woodrow Wilson
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Correct: D

20. The Fall of the Berlin Wall was the most significant event in a recent German history and the wall event was took place on?
A). 9 November 1987
B). 9 July 1988
C). 9 March 1990
D). 9 November 1989
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Correct: D

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