Preposition MCQ With Answers Set 13

Prepositions MCQ set 13

Preposition mcq with answers set 13. Preposition mcq test set 13 includes most repeated and important 30 preposition mcqs which are taken from NTS, PPSC, FPSC, ETEA, UGC NET and other competitive exams.

This is our 13th set of english preposition mcqs series. This preposition mcqs with answers set is helpful to prepare all types of university entry test exams or jobs competitive exams. This set is also helpful for students to learn about various prepositions and it's proper use. We enlist all types of prepositions in this entire set.

Preposition MCQ Test Set 13

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1. He will not Apologize _____ You for what he did, as he acted in good faith.

2. His thirst _____ knowledge left him no leisure for anything else.

3. We are accountable ____ God for our actions.

4. The training session has been changed from 8:30 ____ 9:00.

5. He is indebted ____ his friend for a large sum.

6. Ali was married ____ a rich family.

7. I shall not act ____ compulsion.

8. He is impatient with good advice that I despair ____ making any impression on him.

9. As the market becomes ____ competitive, some companies will make larger profits.

10. I can see _____ your game.

11. I prevailed _____ him to make another attempt.

12. I take much delight _____ long walks.

13. I am sure to profit _____ his lecture.

14. He wondered ____ he had lost his money.

15. We regret that we cannot comply ____ our request.

16. I went to inquire ____ his health.

17. The boys were walking _____ the road.

18. Let this be an example _____ the trouble-makers.

19. We sat _____ the shade of a tree.

20. Sadia was made ____ rage at her insult.

21. We are answerable ____ God.

22. He is grateful ____ his friends.

23. I take much delight ____ reading poetry.

24. He was entitled ____ inherit his father.

25. The workman may seek indulgence ____ the labour court ____ his guarantee rights.

26. I am sick ____ your lies.

27. He brushed ____ my argument.

29. He was deaf ____ all our requests.

30. Are you conscious ____ your responsibility in this matter?

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