Preposition MCQ with Answers Set 12

Preposition MCQ with Answers set 12

Preposition MCQs are an essential part of any school, university, or job competitive exam. In this preposition MCQ set there are 30 prepositions examples in the form of MCQs. We have been added 11 preposition exercises already and now this is the 12 set of MCQs on prepositions. You will also know the various types of prepositions and the correct uses in sentences.

Preposition MCQs with Answers Set 12

1. Don’t ring the doorbell. Come right _____ the house.

2. She often goes for a walk _____ night.

3. The Second World War occurred _____ the 20th century.

4. The squirrel hid the nuts _____ a pile of leaves.

5. We go to school _____ Monday, but not _____ Sunday

6. There is a purple flower _____ the weeds.

7. Inesh comes _____ Ronit in the line, but _____ Rayaan.

8. The post office is _____ the street from the grocery store.

9. The fashion show will be staged _____ the month of August.

10. The eagle soared _____ the clouds.

11. I cook _____ wine. Sometimes, I even add it _____ food. (Actor W C Fields)

12. _____ every great man is a woman rolling her eyes. (Actor Jim Carrey)

13. Walk _____ the garage and then turn right.

14. I returned the papers to the interviewees to allow _____ revisions to be made.

15. The difference _____ stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits. (Physicist Albert Einstein)

16. If you haven't got anything nice to say _____ anybody, come sit _____ me. (Writer Alice Roosevelt Longworth)

17. He stood _____ the bus stop _____ the corner of Coffee shop.

18. Ali is _____ USA, visiting his uncle _____ the hospital.

19. Rohat travelled _____ America on his motorcycle.

20. The horse runs _____ the track all day.

21. A security guard stands _____ the bank entrance gate.

22. They put an umbrella _____ the table to avoid sun heat.

23. We mostly depend _____ our customers’ feedback.

24. She committed herself _____ finding a job.

25. I want to apologize _____ my mistakes.

26. Rohit always agrees _____ my opinion. He did not oppose me.

27. I specialize _____ electrical engineering.

28. It has been raining _____ Monday.

29. Dinner consisted _____ bryani and barbeque.

30. I often go to my office _____ bus.

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