Pak Study MCQs With Answers Set 1

Pak studies mcqs with answers set 1

Pak study MCQs with answers set 1 are the compulsory part of every PPSC, FPSC, KPSC, SPSC, PMS, KPKSC and CSS based jobs test. Each test contains more than five to twenty questions of Pakistan studies alongwith general knowledge about World. A candidate must prepare Pak study mcqs before appear in any job test.

Pak Study MCQs With Answers Set 1

1. The Shandur Pass connects Chitral with _____?
A). Gilgit
B). Swat
C). Malam Jabba
D). Kaghan
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Correct: A

2. Karakoram Highway between Pak & China was completed in _____?
A). 1975
B). 1976
C). 1977
D). 1978
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Correct: C

3. Tomb of Khwaja Farid is in _____?
A). Kot Mitthan
B). Pak Patan
C). Multan
D). Jhang
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Correct: A

4. River Kabul joins Indus river near _____?
A). Dera Ismael Khan
B). Attock
C). Nowshera
D). Kalabagh
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Correct: B

5. The chairman of national economic council of Pakistan is _____?
A). Prime Minister
B). President
C). Finance Minister
D). None of these
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Correct: A

6. Who was the first Muslim governor of Punjab?
A). Sardar Abdur Rab Nishtar
B). Mushtaq Gormani
C). Iftikhar Hussain Mamdot
D). Feroz khan Noon
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Correct: A

7. Objectives resolution was presented in the constituent assembly of Pakistan on _____?
A). 2nd March 1949
B). 7th March 1949
C). 12th March 1949
D). 17th March 1949
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Correct: C

8. The only vice-president of Pakistan was _____?
A). Noorul Amin
B). Fazal Haq
C). Fazal Elahi Chaudhary
D). Ch Zahoor Elahi
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Correct: A

9. What is the minimum age of senator under 1973 constitution?
A). 25 years
B). 35 years
C). 30 years
D). 40 years
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Correct: C

10. Term of the office of election commissioner of Pakistan _____?
A). 3 years
B). 4 years
C). 5 years
D). 6 years
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Correct: C

11. On the advice of prime minister and chief minister, president and governor are bound to dissolve the assemblies within _____?
A). 24 hours
B). 48 hours
C). 72 hours
D). 96 hours
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Correct: B

12. The only muslim woman who attended the Round Table Conference (RTC) was _____?
A). Fatima Jinnah
B). Begum Jahanara Shahnawaz
C). Begum Shaista Ikram Ullah
D). Begum Salma Tasaduq Hussain
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Correct: B

13. The British sold the Kashmir to Gulab Singh Dogra under the treaty of _____?
A). Treaty of Lahore
B). Treaty of Amritsar
C). Treaty of Kashmir
D). Instrument of accession
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Correct: B

14. Who was Pakistan's first ambassador to the US?
A). Matloob Hussain Syed
B). Zafarullah Khan
C). Patras Bukhari
D). Abul Hassan Isphani
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Correct: D

15. Habba Khatoon is a famous poetess of which language?
A). Balochi
B). Pashto
C). Hindko
D). Kashmiri
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Correct: D

16. The Pakistani scientist who worked under Albert Einstein _____?
A). Muhammad Raziuddin Siddique
B). Dr. Munir Ahmad Khan
C). Dr. Saleem uz Zaman Siddique
D). Dr. Abdus Salam
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Correct: A

17. Lowari Pass connects _____?
A). Dir with Chitral
B). Dir with Malakand
C). Chitral with Swat
D). Chitral with Malakanu
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Correct: A

18. Dr. Ruth Pfou the "Mother Theresa" of Pakistan campaigned against which disease?
A). Cholera
B). Leprosy
C). Tuberculosis
D). Diarrhea
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Correct: B

19. Identify the most benefited sector of Pakistan because of GSP Plus duty-free access to European Union?
A). Sports Goods
B). Leather Products
C). Textile and garments
D). Surgical instruments
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Correct: C

20. The title of "Ambassador of Hindu Muslim unity" was given to Quaid e Azam by _____?
A). Gandhi
B). Vijay Lakshmi Pandit
C). Sarojni Naido
D). Allama Iqbal
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Correct: C

21. The Quaid e Azam resigned from the membership of the Imperial Legislative council on account of ____?
A). Rowlett Act
B). Demand for Independence
C). Hindu Muslim riots
D). Internal differences of Muslim League
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Correct: A

22. Continental Shelf limits of Pakistan is _____?
A). 12 Nautical Miles
B). 100 Nautical Miles
C). 250 Nautical Miles
D). 350 Nautical Miles
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Correct: D

23. Settlement of border dispute and the signing of "Boundary agreement" with China proved a milestone in the history of Sino-Pak relations. Which of the following diplomats rendered his services to finalize the agreement?
A). ZA Bhutto
B). Manzoor Qadir
C). Agha Mohammad Raza
D). Mohammad Ali Bogra
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Correct: A

24. The Quran and Sunnah are declared the supreme law of Pakistan under the amendment _____?
A). 8th
B). 9th
C). 10th
D). 11th
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Correct: B

25. Jahangir Khan won Squash Champion Ship 10 times _____?
A). Asian Open
B). Olympics
C). World Open
D). British Open
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Correct: D

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