Pak Study MCQs With Answers Set 1

pak study mcqs with answers

Pak study MCQs with answers set 1. Pakistan studies mcqs are the compulsory part of every PPSC, FPSC, KPSC, SPSC, PMS, KPKSC, and CSS based jobs test. Each test contains more than five to twenty questions about Pakistan studies in the general knowledge section.

In this Pakistan study mcqs set, we enlist 20 most repeated pak studies mcqs, taken from all competitive exams past papers. A candidate must prepare Pakistan study mcqs before appearing in any job test.

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Pak Study MCQs With Answers Set 1

1. When was Sui Gas first discovered in Pakistan?
A). 1959
B). 1952
C). 1961
D). 1982
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Correct: B

2. What is the total length of coastline of Pakistan?
A). 1020 Km
B). 1046 Km
C). 1095 km
D). 1126 km
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Correct: B

3. Sindh was separated from Bombay in _____?
A). 1947
B). 1929
C). 1935
D). 1937
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Correct: C

4. The largest earth filled dam of the world is _____?
A). Mangla dam
B). Swan dam
C). Tarbela dam
D). Warsak dam
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Correct: C

5. Operation Zarb-e-Azb underwent in the former FATA. Azb was the name of _____?
A). Sword of the Holy Prophet (PBUH)
B). Sword of Hazrat Ali (R A)
C). A two headed Arrow
D). War against enemies of humanity
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Correct: A

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6. Wakhan Corridor is located to the ___ of Pakistan.
A). West
B). East
C). North
D). South-West
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Correct: C

7. Who was the first governor general of the State Bank of Pakistan?
A). Zahid Hussain
B). Abdul Qadir
C). S. A Hasnie
D). Mahbubur Rashid
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Correct: A

8. Kirthar Range is a mountain range in Pakistan extending about 190 miles. In which province of Pakistan does the range's largest portion reside?
A). Punjab
B). Sindh
C). Balochistan
D). Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
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Correct: C

9. When Balochistan was given the status of Pakistan?
A). 1969
B). 1970
C). 1971
D). 1972
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Correct: B

10. What is the length of Karakoram highway?
A). 810 miles
B). 710 miles
C). 910 miles
D). 610 miles
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Correct: A

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11. Katas Raj temples are revered Hindu temples in Pakistan. In which district the temples reside?
A). Jhelum
B). Mianwali
C). Chakwal
D). Dera Ghazi Khan
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Correct: C

12. Nawab Malik Amir Mohammad Khan also known as Nawab of Kalabagh was governor of West Pakistan in 1960. He was from _____?
A). Bahawalpur
B). Mirpur Khas
C). Mianwali
D). D. I. Khan
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Correct: C

13. Attock fort was built during the reign of which Mughal?
A). Akbar
B). Humayun
C). Shah Jahan
D). Aurangzeb
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Correct: A

14. According to the World Bank, what was the growth rate of Pakistan in 2018?
A). 5.4%
B). 5.8%
C). 5.12%
D). 5.10%
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Correct: B

15. IRSA, Indus River System Authority was established for regulating and monitoring the distribution of water sources of Indus rivers in _____?
A). 1991
B). 1992
C). 1993
D). 1994
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Correct: B

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16. Sindh Sagar Doab is one of the five major doabs of the Punjab province. it is the tract of land between the following rivers?
A). Indus and Chenab
B). Chenab and Jhelum
C). Indus and Jhelum
D). Jehlum and Ravi
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Correct: C

17. According to a report published by IMF, Pakistan has been ranked _____ in the World among countries facing acute water shortage.
A). 2nd
B). 3rd
C). 4th
D). 5th
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Correct: B

18. When in ICC Champions Trophy did Pakistan defeat India?
A). 18 June
B). 22 June
C). 24 June
D). 26 June
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Correct: A

19. Which city of Pakistan was hit by the earthquake in 1935?
A). Muzaffarabad
B). Attock
C). Quetta
D). Peshawar
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Correct: C

20. In which country does the Batura Glacier lie?
A). China
B). Nepal
C). Pakistan
D). India
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Correct: C

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