Microsoft Word MCQ Questions With Answers Set 12

ms word mcqs set 12

MS Word mcqs set 12 contain 25 objective questions related to word shortcut keys and different menu features. These important word mcqs are grabbed from past papers. If you want to give any job pre test or you have been called after pass the written test successfully then you must prepare Microsoft office multiple choice questions especially Microsoft Word.

Our MS Word MCQs series is helpful for PPSC, FPSC, KPK PSC, Sindh PSC, NTS, CSS and universities objective written test. Mostly 5 to 10 computer related mcqs are asked in the test and there is 5 MS Office related multiple choice questions. These ms word mcqs are also helpful for computer operator, office management, data writer, data entry operator, ms office trainer, office assistant, clerks and others ms office related jobs exams.

Microsoft Word MCQ Questions With Answers Set 12

1. What is the short cut key to open Font dialog box ?
A). CTRL + F
B). Alt + CTRL + F
C). CTRL + D
D). CTRL + Shift + D
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Correct: C

2. What is the shortcut key you can press to create a copyright symbol ?
A). Alt+CTRL+C
B). Alt + C
C). CTRL + C
D). CTRL + Shift + C
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Correct: A

3. Which enables you to move directly to specific location in a document ?
A). Sub documents
B). Bookmarks
C). Cross-references
D). Outlines
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Correct: A

4. Which of the following is not available in Font Spacing ?
A). Normal
B). Loosely
C). Condensed
D). Expanded
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Correct: B

5. A letterhead should contain all of the following EXCEPT ____ ?
A). Full street address
B). Logo
C). Complete legal name of the company, group, or individual
D). None of the above
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Correct: B

6. Which feature do you use to create a newspaper like document ?
A). Bullets & numbering
B). Tables
C). Columns
D). Tab stops
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Correct: C

7. CTRL + O ?
A). Save Document
B). Print Document
C). Close Document
D). Open Document
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Correct: D

8. Which option in File pull-down menu is used to close a file in MSWord ?
A). New
B). Quit
C). Close
D). Exit
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Correct: D

9. Which of the following option is not available in Insert >> Picture ?
A). Chart
B). Word Art
C). Clip Art
D). Graph
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Correct: C

10. You cannot close MS Word application by ?
A). Choosing File menu then Exit submenu
B). Press Alt+F4
C). Click X button on title bar
D). From File menu choose Close submenu
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Correct: D

11. Which would you choose to save a document with a new name?
A). Press CTRL+S
B). Click File, Save
C). Click Tools, Options, Save
D). Click File, Save As
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Correct: D

12. To switch between insert mode and overtype mode, _____ ?
A). Click Caption on the Insert menu
B). Double-click the OVR status indicator on the status bar
C). Click Text Box on the Insert menu
D). Double-click the INS status indicator on the status bar
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Correct: D

13. How do you close a word document without closing Word window ?
A). Click on the Close button on the title bar
B). Click on Xminimize button on the title bar
C). Click on the Close command on Office menu
D). Click Exit on the File menu
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Correct: B

14. When a custom tab stop is set, Word _____ ?
A). Clears all default tab stops
B). Clears all default tab stops to the right of the custom tab stop
C). Clears all default tab stops to the left of the custom tab stop
D). Does not clear any default tab stops
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Correct: B

15. CTRL + E ?
A). Exit Application
B). Select All
C). Clear All
D). Align Center
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Correct: C

16. Which of the following is not on Home ribbon ?
A). Columns
B). Font color
C). Change Style
D). Font
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Correct: A

17. CTRL + A ?
A). Align Right
B). Select All
C). Change font
D). Save document
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Correct: B

18. Which of the following is not a type of page margin ?
A). Left
B). Right
C). Center
D). Top
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Correct: C

19. A (n) _____is a dot or other symbol positioned at the beginning of a paragraph ?
A). Bullet
B). Logo
C). Cell
D). Target
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Correct: C

20. Word includes a series of predefined graphics called _____ that can be inserted into a Word document ?
A). Clip Art
B). Hyperlinks
C). Captions
D). Bookmarks
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Correct: A

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