Sentence Completion Test MCQs Set 3

English mcqs for PPSC

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Sentence completion test MCQs Set 3. Sentence completion test MCQs Set 2. Sentence completion mcqs are the 1st question of the English section of any NTS, PPSC, FPSC, or CSS test. According to the needs of students, job seekers or the candidates who want to appear in any NTS, PPSC job test we start the sentence completion mcqs series. Every set comprise 20 multiple choice questions with answers. All the mcqs are taken from the past NTS, PPSC, CSS test. It should help you to prepare sentence completion section.

Sentence Completion Test MCQs Set 3

1. The principle of living and acting for the welfare of others is called _____.
A). altruism
B). asceticism
C). egoism
D). misogynism
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Correct: A

2. The alchemists, though they are often supposed to have been _____ or confidence tricksters were actually skillful technologists.
A). empiricists
B). polemicists
C). pragmatists
D). charlatans
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Correct: D

3. Bullock carts and hand pumps seem _____ in a village whose skyline is dominated by telephone cables and satellite dishes.
A). anachronisms
B). exigencies
C). diversions
D). provocations
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Correct: A

4. A _____ child, she was soon bored in class; she already knew more mathematics than her junior school teachers.
A). obdurate
B). precocious
C). querulous
D). recalcitrant
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Correct: B

5. The explorer was unable to _____ the stream since an enraged barred the way.
A). assuage
B). parch
C). savor
D). describe
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Correct: A

6. Change your _____ and you change your world!
A). Thoughts
B). Job
C). Name
D). Sexuality
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Correct: A

7. One who fights for the sake of money is called _____.
A). machinist
B). fanatic
C). patriotic
D). mercenary
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Correct: D

8. Aslam Khan is eighty years old so he is called ____.
A). septuagenarian
B). octogenarian
C). Centenary
D). immortal
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Correct: B

9. Capable of dealing with many subjects is called _____.
A). stoic
B). popular
C). versatile
D). gregarious
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Correct: C

10. To be expert in using hands is called _____.
A). dexterous
B). crude
C). ingenuous
D). versatile
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Correct: A

11. A person who is too stubborn to admit is called _____.
A). oblique
B). obdurate
C). determined
D). fascinated
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Correct: B

12. A person who feels sorry for a wrong he has done is called _____.
A). literate
B). illiterate
C). compunctions
D). overt
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Correct: C

13. _____ is a person who is always looking for a fight.
A). bellicose
B). chivalrous
C). patriot
D). bigot
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Correct: A

14. When one discovers that everything is not really all that fine and dandy, they discover that something is not a "bed of ____" Complete the idiomatic phrase.
A). Daisies
B). Wild flowers
C). Daffodils
D). Roses
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Correct: D

15. The revolution in art has not lost its steam, it _____ on as fiercely as ever.
A). trudges
B). meanders
C). edges
D). rages
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Correct: D

16. Each occupation has its own _____ bankers, lawyers and computer professionals, for example, all use among themselves language which outsiders have difficulty following.
A). merits
B). disadvantages
C). rewards
D). jargon
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Correct: D

17. _____ by nature, Jones spoke very little even to his own family members.
A). garrulous
B). equivocal
C). taciturn
D). arrogant
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Correct: C

18. Biological clocks are of such _____ adaptive value to living organisms, that we would expect most organisms to _____ them
A). clear - avoid
B). meager - evolve
C). significant - eschew
D). obvious - possess
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Correct: D

19. Many people at that time believed that spices help preserve food; however, Hall found that many marketed spices were _____ bacteria, moulds and yeasts.
A). devoid of
B). teeming with
C). improved by
D). destroyed by
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Correct: B

20. The formerly _____ waters of the lake have been polluted so that the fish are no longer is visible from the surface.
A). muddy
B). tranquil
C). stagnant
D). pellucid
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Correct: D

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