Sentence Completion Test MCQs Set 1

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Sentence Completion test is a common test mcqs in almost all competitive jobs test. Usually a sentence contains one or two blanks, which to be filled in using the given choices. These mcqs questions especially judge your English vocabulary and knowledge of the finer distinctions among words. A good vocabulary can help you to solve mcqs easily. But you can use many strategies or techniques for these mcqs questions, even without knowing all the given choices.

Sentence completion mcqs are the first question of the English portion of any NTS, PPSC, FPSC, or CSS test. These mcqs can be solved easily if you have good vocabulary. Before attempt this question read the full sentence thoroughly. Figure out the clues in the sentence, check the sentence nature either the sentence is negative or positive, try to fit the given choices which are closely related to the sentence.

According to the needs of students, job seekers or the candidates who want to appear in any NTS, PPSC job test we start the sentence completion mcqs series. Every set comprise 20 multiple choice questions with answers. All the mcqs are taken from the past NTS, PPSC, CSS test. It should help you to prepare sentence completion section.

Sentence Completion Test MCQs Set 1

1. The _____ weather forced us to stay indoors.
A). enticing
B). glorious
C). restorative
D). inclement
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Correct: D

2. It will be hard to _____ Leonid now that you have so _____ him.
A). pacify - soothed
B). mollify - incensed
C). antagonize - irritated
D). anger - ruffled
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Correct: B

3. In a fit of _____ she threw out the valuable statue simply because it had belonged to her ex-husband.
A). pique
B). contrition
C). goodwill
D). pedantry
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Correct: A

4. Harding was unable to _____ the results of the survey. although entirely unexpected, the figures were obtained by a market research firm with an _____ reputation.
A). accept - peerless
B). discount - impeccable
C). fault - mediocre
D). counter - unenviable
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Correct: B

5. The success of the business venture _____ his expectations, he never thought that the firm would prosper.
A). confirmed
B). belied
C). nullified
D). fulfilled
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Correct: B

6. For centuries there was no _____ between their descendants, in fact _____ strife continued until modern times.
A). peace - internecine
B). hostility - intermittent
C). malevolence - intense
D). amity - contrived
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Correct: A

7. The journalist _____ the efforts of the drug squad to control drug peddling, claiming that they had actually _____ the problem.
A). commended - increased
B). lauded - intensified
C). decried - solved
D). deprecated - exacerbated
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Correct: D

8. Their bantering talk seemed _____ , but in fact it masked an underlying _____.
A). hostile - antipathy
B). amicable - antagonism
C). jovial - assumptions
D). exasperating - frustrations
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Correct: B

9. Many so-called social playwrights are distinctly ______, rather than allowing the members of the audience to form their own opinions, these writers force a viewpoint on the viewer.
A). conciliatory
B). prolific
C). iconoclastic
D). didactic
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Correct: D

10. His one vice was gluttony and so it is not surprising that as he aged he became increasingly _____.
A). emaciated
B). despondent
C). corpulent
D). carping
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Correct: A

11. Our once thriving High School Nature Club is now _____, the programs have had to be cancelled due to lack of support.
A). defunct
B). extant
C). resurgent
D). burgeoning
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Correct: A

12. Having been chief accountant for so many years, Ms. George felt herself to be _____ and was unwilling to _____ control of the department after the merger.
A). slighted - truncate
B). irreplaceable - assume
C). insubordinate - retain
D). indispensable - relinquish
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Correct: D

13. Because Elaine's father was a field entomologist who trekked over the continent studying insect infestations, and insisted on taking his young family with him, Elaine and her brother had an _____ childhood.
A). idyllic
B). itinerant
C). sedentary
D). propitious
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Correct: B

14. Literary criticism has in recent years become increasingly _____, it is almost impossible for the non-literary person to understand its analyses.
A). abstruse
B). accessible
C). colloquial
D). wide-ranging
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Correct: A

15. Johnson was such an outstanding orator, that his contemporizes were too dazzled by his _____ to question his fundamental philosophy.
A). persona
B). guile
C). enthusiasm
D). rhetoric
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Correct: D

16. Moths are nocturnal pollinators, visiting scented flower during the hours of darkness, whereas the butterflies are _____ , attracted to bright flowers in the daytime.
A). diurnal
B). quotidian
C). colorful
D). ephemeral
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Correct: A

17. She was roundly condemned for her _____, she betrayed the woman to whom she owed her success.
A). truculence
B). perfidy
C). serendipity
D). pragmatism
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Correct: B

18. The progress of the disease is _____, it spreads stealthily without any symptoms in the early stages.
A). dramatic
B). acute
C). blatant
D). insidious
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Correct: D

19. Our grandfather was an entertaining _____, he used to _____ us with marvelous anecdotes that we, in our childlike simplicity, accepted unquestioningly.
A). rascal - bore
B). orator - intimidate
C). raconteur - regale
D). curmudgeon - surprise
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Correct: C

20. The quantum theory was initially regarded as absurd, unnatural and _____ with common sense.
A). consanguineous
B). discernible
C). incompatible
D). decipherable
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Correct: C

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