Pedagogy MCQs Set 3

Instructional planning mcqs, pedagogy mcqs

Instructional planning mcqs, Instructional planning, strategies, learning environment pedagogy NTS notes, multiple choice questions with answers set 3. Since the inception of formal, classroom-based instruction, a fundamental element of teaching has been the way teachers arrange the study room environment so students can interact and learn.
The instructional strategies teachers use help shape learning environments and represent expert conceptions of learning and of the learner. Some strategies take into account students empty vessels to be filled under the firm direction of the teacher; other strategies regard them as active participants learning via inquiry and problem solving–skill others tell children they are social organisms learning through communicate and interaction with others.

Pedagogy mcqs, instructional planning, strategies, learning environment and pedagogy mcqs is the compulsory portion of every educator post nts test. This portion consists of 10 questions. The questions are taking from B.Ed level course. Every individual, job seeker who want to appear in educators jobs test should prepare it before appearing in the test. According to nts pattern we start the pedagogy multiple choice questions with answers series which contains questions from previous educators nts test. Every mcq set of this series consist 25 questions with their answers.

Instructional Planning, Strategies, Learning Environment, Pedagogy Mcqs Set 3

1. The education you have obtained so far___?
A). Has been a time passing phase
B). Has been useful and valuable
C). Has increased your crazy for wealth
D). Has been devoid of moral values
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Correct: B

2. Good education is highly helpful___?
A). In man's attempt for earning his livelihood
B). In making a person self-dependent
C). In making the person a scholar
D). In increasing the person Prestige
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Correct: B

3. Your education is successful if____?
A). It gives you self satisfaction
B). It increases your respect
C). It benefits others
D). It helps in getting employment for you
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Correct: A

4. Education provides the greatest help____?
A). In the social development of a boy
B). In the mental development of the boy
C). In the moral development of the boy
D). In the integrated development of the boy's personality
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Correct: D

5. For the effective and successful teaching the most necessary things is____?
A). To use the blackboard as much as possible
B). To use a literature language as much as possible
C). To elaborate the subject through practical examples
D). To dictate the maximum numbers of notes to students
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Correct: B

6. The teaching imparted download to students can be effective if____?
A). The teacher has deep knowledge of his subject
B). The students have interest in the subject
C). The teaching is given according to the mental levels of the students
D). The same lesson is repeated again and again
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Correct: C

7. Before starting a new lesson the old one should be repeatable because:
A). The new lesson in easily understood if it is related to the previous one
B). The ability of the students is tested
C). The students come to school after running the previous lesson in their homes
D). It is helpful in maintaining the discipline in the classroom
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Correct: A

8. In making good education a thing of heart, greatly helpful is:
A). English
B). Mother tongue
C). National language
D). Above mentioned
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Correct: C

9. The proper system for education is?
A). The examination system with books
B). Semester system
C). Objective question paper
D). The present examination system
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Correct: B

10. The curriculum can be made more useful______?
A). By Pakistan history
B). By local knowledge
C). By Pakistan's geographical knowledge
D). By Pakistan's culture knowledge
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Correct: D

11. For the all round development of boys the necessary things is______?
A). Cultural programme
B). Religious education
C). Cultural knowledge
D). Games and sports
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Correct: B

12. The meaning of the integrated development of personality is?
A). The adoption of the scientific and systematic attitude
B). To work with co-operation and friendliness to all
C). That there should be such adjustment of knowledge, thinking and activities of the person as may lead to the successful performance of the work
D). That the person's behavior towards his colleagues be well balanced
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Correct: C

13. The aim of guidance service in education and job seeking is?
A). To impart education which is fit and according to the person
B). To select the job according to the merit of the person
C). To solve the problem which is in education and the job
D). To create the insight and understanding in the person in such a way that he may himself take decision
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Correct: D

14. After a lesson has been completely finished the important things on the part of a teacher is____?
A). To advise to learn the lesson by heart
B). To tell an interesting story
C). To thank his students
D). To summarise the main points of the lesson
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Correct: D

15. The teachers job is to teach the subject efficiently and also to find out______?
A). If students are sitting properly
B). If students are well dressed
C). If students are silently listening to him
D). If students are understanding what he is teaching
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Correct: D

16. To evaluate whether his teaching is effective the teacher should in the mid of his teaching______?
A). Humor the students
B). Expel the dull student
C). Put relevant questions
D). Make discouraging remarks about the inattentive boys
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Correct: C

17. If the subject is somewhat dry, taxing and thought engaging the teacher should?
A). Tell the students about the difficult nature of the subject
B). Advise his students to be very serious
C). Explain the subject with pleasing and practical examples and make it interesting to the students
D). Persuade the boys to leave the subject
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Correct: C

18. In a classroom students are of different mental levels and capacities and the teacher's function is?
A). To encourage the intelligent and discourage the weak
B). To have sympathetic attitude towards all
C). To treat the dull boys with bad remarks
D). To Praise the intelligent boy too much
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Correct: B

19. The most important quality of a successful teacher is______?
A). That he should be very serious while teaching
B). That he should have deep knowledge of his subject
C). That he should feel delight in teaching
D). That he should impress students of his scholarship
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Correct: C

20. The essential element for discipline in the classroom is?
A). The ideal and scholarly personality of the teacher
B). The well dressed personality of the teacher
C). The serious nature of the teacher
D). The dignified cadre of the teacher
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Correct: A

21. In order to maintain discipline the essential thing is?
A). To imposed rigid restrictions upon students
B). To give complete licence to students
C). To follow the midway between rigid restrictions and complete licence
D). To make students aware of hard punishment
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Correct: C

22. For the successful language-teaching the most important thing is______?
A). To lay emphasizes on writing letters
B). To lay emphasizes and reading magazines
C). To lay emphasis on listening to the speeches of leaders
D). To create linguistic environment at homes and the school
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Correct: D

23. The most honest psychological function of the teacher is_____?
A). That he should develop community-feelings
B). That he should inculcate the spirit of nationalism
C). That he should develop racial feelings
D). That he should create faith in the unity of all life
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Correct: D

24. The truest education of the boy is____ ?
A). That which creates rigid national attitude
B). That which creates global attitude
C). That which creates institutionalized religious attitude
D). That which creates anti-religious and scientific attitude
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Correct: B

25. Being a teacher you want to write a book on the subject you teach, you will____?
A). Select relevant material from the library in your vacation and incorporate the same in your original thought
B). Arrange and serialize the material in accordance with the levels of students and seek suggestions and advice from your experienced colleagues
C). Study the related book available in the market and try to understand their shortcomings
D). follow all the above 3 steps
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Correct: D

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