Pedagogy MCQs Set 1

pedagogy mcqs instructional planning mcqs set 1

Pedagogy mcqs, NTS pedagogy mcqs, instructional planning mcqs, pedagogy mcqs for nts set 1. Pedagogy is the subject that deals with the principle and practice of teaching. Pedagogy informs teaching strategies, teacher actions, and teacher judgments and decisions by taking into consideration theories of gaining knowledge of, understandings of students and their desires, and the backgrounds and interests of individual students. Pedagogy consists of how the instructor interacts with students and the social and intellectual environment the instructor seeks to establish. Spanning a large variety of exercise, its goals range from furthering liberal education to the narrower specifics of vocational education.

Instructional planning, strategies, learning environment and pedagogy mcqs is the compulsory portion of every educator post nts test. This portion consists of 10 questions. Mostly questions are taking from B.Ed level course. Every individual who want to appear in educators jobs test should prepare it before appear in test. According to nts pattern we start the pedagogy multiple choice questions with answers series which contains questions from previous educators nts test. Every mcq set of this series consist 25 questions with their answers. Keep visiting our site we update it daily.

Instructional Planning, Strategies, Learning Environment, Pedagogy Mcqs Set 1

1. The aim of education should be:
A). To develop Social awareness in the students
B). To prepare the students for examination
C). To develop vocational skills in the students
D). To prepare the students for practical life
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Correct: D

2. A teacher can motivate the students by:
A). Giving suitable prizes
B). Giving proper guidance
C). Delivering speech in class
D). Giving examples
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Correct: B

3. If a student does not pay any respect to you (Teacher) then you will:
A). Rebuke him
B). Talk his/her parents
C). Ignore him/her
D). Award less marks in examination
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Correct: C

4. The best method of checking students homework is:
A). To check the answers in the class in group manner
B). To assign it to intelligent students of the class
C). To check by the teacher himself in a regular way
D). To check them with the help of specimen answer
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Correct: C

5. The aim of National Council for teacher education is:
A). To maintain standards in colleges of education
B). To provide grant to colleges of education
C). To promote research in education
D). To open College of Education
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Correct: A

6. Kindergarten system of education was contributed by?
A). T.P.Nunn
B). Forebel
C). Spencer
D). Montessori
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Correct: B

7. Essay type test are not reliable because:
A). There responding styles or different
B). There answers are different
C). There results are different
D). There checking is affected by examiner's mood
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Correct: D

8. The success of integrated education depends on?
A). The support of community
B). The highest quality of teaching learning material
C). The excellence of text books
D). The attitudinal changes in teachers
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Correct: C

9. The quality of schools education is exclusively depending upon?
A). Infrastructural facilities
B). Financial provisions
C). The quality of teacher education
D). International support
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Correct: C

10. To maintain interest among students in class, a teacher should:
A). Discuss with the students
B). Ask questions from students
C). Use blackboard
D). Tell stories to students
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Correct: B

11. Most important task of teacher is?
A). To take care of children
B). To evaluate the students
C). To organize teaching work
D). To deliver lecture in class
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Correct: C

12. A teacher should be_____?
A). Honest
B). Dutiful
C). Diligent
D). All of the above
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Correct: D

13. Environmental education should be taught in schools because?
A). We cannot escape from environment
B). It is important part of our daily life
C). It will affect environment pollution
D). It will provide job to teachers
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Correct: B

14. The sign of a ideal teacher:
A). Teaches the whole curriculum
B). Helps his students in learning
C). Is a friend philosopher and guide
D). Maintains good discipline
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Correct: C

15. At primary level, it is better to teach in mother language because:
A). It makes learning easy
B). It is helpful in intellectual development
C). It develops self confidence in children
D). It helps children in learning in natural atmosphere
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Correct: D

16. Women are better teachers at primary level because:
A). Higher qualification is not needed in this profession
B). They have less chances in other professions
C). They are ready to work with low salary
D). They behave more patiently with children
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Correct: D

17. OBE is also known as______?
A). Systematic education restructuring
B). Performance based education
C). Total quality management
D). All of the above
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Correct: D

18. What is the most important while writing on blackboard?
A). Writing in small letters
B). Clarity in writing
C). Good writing
D). Writing in big letters
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Correct: C

19. A time bound testing program for a students should be implemented in school so that:
A). The remedial program can be adopted on the basis of the feedback from the results
B). The students can be trained for final examinations
C). A regular practice can be carried out
D). The progress of the students should be informed to their parents
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Correct: B

20. A student comes late in your class then you will?
A). Punish him
B). Not pay attention to him
C). Try to know the reason
D). Inform to parents
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Correct: C

21. The success of a good teacher is?
A). His/her good character
B). High achievement of students
C). His/her good teaching
D). Good traits of his/her personality
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Correct: D

22. How the students should be motivated to get success in life?
A). Incidental study
B). Selected study
C). Intensive study
D). Learning by recitation
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Correct: C

23. The most important trait of a student is?
A). Sense of responsibility
B). Obedience
C). To speak truth
D). Co-operation
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Correct: B

24. The purpose of basic education scheme is____?
A). To vocationalise is the education
B). Universalization of primary education
C). To fulfill basic need of persons through education
D). To make education compulsory for all
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Correct: C

25. You are teaching a topic in class and a student asks a question irrelevant to the topic. What will you do?
A). You will allow him to ask unrelated question
B). You will consider it in discipline and punish him
C). You will not allow him to ask unrelated question
D). You will answer the question after the class
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Correct: D

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