Biology MCQs With Answers Set 3

mcqs of biology class 9 chapter 1

Biology MCQs with answers set 3. Biology MCQs set 3 contains 30 multiple choice questions about the topics introduction to biology, different branches of biology, relationship of biology to other sciences and levels of organization. These questions are very useful for a 9th class student to an M.Phil student. By preparing these mcqs, you can prepare and appear any PPSC job test related to biology. This is the third set of our biology series in which we have included questions from all the basic levels of biology. These questions are taken from the first chapter of the ninth grade biology textbook. This set is also the last set of biology class 9 chapter 1. We will similarly include questions from basic to advanced levels in the next sets.

Biology MCQs With Answers Set 3

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1. Zoology deals with the study of _____?

2. The scientific study of Plants is called _____?

3. Economically study of animals called _____?

4. Study of drugs and their effects on the human body is called _____?

5. The study of the molecules of life is called _____?

6. The branch of biology which deals with the study of nucleic acid is called _____?

7. Allah made every living thing from _____?

8. Reproductive organ of the Plant is _____?

9. The number of bio elements in nature is _____?

10. An example of Unicellular is _____?

11. An example of the organ is _____?

12. An example of bio-molecule is _____?

13. How many elements make 99% of the total mass?

14. Organelles assemble to form _____?

15. An example of Bioelement is _____?

16. The element that makes 3% of the total mass of a living organism is _____?

17. Epidermal tissue is found in _____?

18. The part of the earth where communities of living organisms exist is called _____?

19. Which of these does not represent a unicellular organization?

20. An example of Volvox is _____?

21. Frog has two eyes, each of which has _____?

22. An example of the multi-cellular organism is _____?

23. Scientific name of pea plant is _____?

24. Euglena is an example of _____?

25. If a scientist is studying the methods of inserting human inserting genes in bacteria, which branch of biology may this be _____?

26. Which one will be the correct sequence of the levels of organization of life?

27. Which of the following group includes organisms of all which are absorptive in the nutrition?

29. Which of these tissues also make the glandular tissue in animals?

30. When we study the feeding relations among different animal species of a forest, at what level of organization we are studying _____?

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