Computer Network MCQs with Answers Set 2

network topology mcqs

This computer networks MCQs set includes 25 communication and networks MCQs covers the topics such as network topology mcqs, different types of network topology, mcqs on communication devices of computer, internet protocol mcqs, dsl meaning, lan network and ISDN. This network MCQ set may help you in all UGC NET computer science exams, PPSC lecturer computer science tests, and all other computer-related jobs exams.

What is Network Topology

The physical or logical arrangement of a network is referred to as network topology. It specifies how nodes are connected to one another and where they are situated. Network topology, on the other hand, may define how data is transported between these nodes.

Types of Network Topology

Physical and logical network topologies are the two types of network topologies. Physical network topology refers to the physical signal transmission medium, whereas logical network topology describes how data flows via the network between devices, regardless of their physical link.

Network Topology Examples

Physical network topologies include star topology, mesh topology, tree topology, ring topology, point-to-point, circular, hybrid, and bus topology, which all have different node and connection configurations.
Twisted pair Ethernet, which is classified as a logical bus topology, and token ring, which is classified as a logical ring topology, are two examples of logical network topologies. Below is the network toplogy diagram which contains all topologies diagrams.

network topology diagram

Data Communication Network MCQs Set 2

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1. A device that is used to connect two computers via an ordinary telephone line is _____?

2. Two devices are in network if _____?

3. Types of network topology are _____.

4. Which of the following is not a network topology?

5. Which is the most common LAN topology for microcomputer LANs?

6. The physical layout of a LAN is known as _____?

7. One or more computers connected to hub in which network topology?

8. Topology that is used for a small number of computers is called _____?

9. A connection for similar networks uses _____?

10. The set of rules to exchange data in a communications network is called _____?

11. A device used to connect dissimilar networks is called _____?

12. BPS stands for?

13. People on Local area network(LAN) can share?

14. Software to peruse the internet is called _____?

15. ISDN stands for _____?

16. In computer network nodes are _____?

17. DSL stands for _____?

18. Which of the following is not a network communications device?

19. Communication channel is shared by all the machines on the network in _____?

20. Which of the following networks extends a private network across public networks?

21. A _____ is a device that forwards packets between networks by processing the routing information included in the packet.

22. Which of the following statements is not applicable for cable internet access?

23. A list of protocols in networking used by a system, one protocol per layer is called _____?

24. The number of times a wave repeats during a specific time interval is called _____?

25. Network congestion occurs _____?

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