PPSC Past Solved Paper of Assistant Director Land Record Held on 2012

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PPSC Solved Papers of Assistant Director Land Record 2012

Sr. No Question Answer
1 Rabi harvest inspection on which date? 1st March
2 Kharif inspection on which date? 1st October
3 What are the names of G4 countries? India, Brazil, Germany Japan
4 M-9 project contract given to which country? South Korea
5 Who helped CIA to track Osama Bin Laden? Dr. Shakeel Afridi
6 Hazrat Usman Ali Hajveri Urs no. on 13-15 jan 2012? 968
7 Stephen Hawking age on its birthday 2012? 70th
8 G.C University Lahore on 01.01.2012? 151 year
9 Who added to cricket Hall of Fame recently? Sunil Gawaskar
10 How many Grammy Awards 2012 to British singer Adele? 6
11 73 football fans killed in which city recently? Cairo
12 Most expensive city in the world? Zuric Switzerland
13 Azerbijan capital named? Baku
14 Monte video is capital of? Uragauy
15 Currency of Sweden? Corona
16 Port of Spain is the capital city of? Trinidad and Tobago
17  French revolution is on? 1789
18 Parliment of Turkey is called? Grand National Assembly
19 International day of youth celebrated on? 12 August
20 Boundary between China and India named? MCMohan Line
21 Savak is intelligence agency of? Iran
22 Dum dum is airport of? Calcuta
23 Author of Gulliver traveller is? Jonathan Swift
24 Who conceived the character of James Bond? Ian Fleming
25 Anarkali is written by? IMtiaz Ali Taj
26 Nobel prize is given in which country? Norway
27 Arfa Karim last breath on? 14-01-2012
28 Highest military award of Britian? Victoria Cross
29 Who drafted American Independence declaration? Jefferson Thomas
30 Largest coffee producer? Brazil
31 Oldest anthem of which country? Japan
32 Highest score in one day? 443
33 Most land borders with which country? China
34 Neil Armstrong set foot on moon on? 1969
35 Edmund Hillary on mount everest on? 1953
36 Pakistan first nuclear power plant in which city? Karachi
37 IMF (International Monetary Fund) founded on?  1945
38 Prime minister of UK at the time of creation of Pakistan?  Clement Richard Attlee
39 Pakistan joined UNO on? 30-09-1947
40 Which gas lies in soft drinks? CO2
41 Which gas used in ballons? Hellium
42 Under which section of PLR(Punjab Land Revenue) Act 1967 Revenue Officer issue summon? 22
43 Under which section of PLR record will be computerized? 41-A
44 How many days for appeal before BOR(Board of Revenue)? 90
45 How many days for appeal before commissioner? 60
46 How many days for appeal before collector?  30
47 Nobel prizes are given in Stockholm?  Sweden
48 Abdusslam got noble prize in?  1979
49 PM Gilani participated in which International Economic Forum? Davos Switzerland
50 World Bank President Robert Zoellick step down on? 30-06-2012 
51 In which country of Central America, as many as 300 jail inmates died in February 2012?   Jamaica 
52 Expo Center Lahore International affair event?  26th 
53 Number of deserts in Pakistan? 
54 Larges barrage of Pakistan? Sakher barrage 
55 20 ammendment in Constitution of Pakistan passed on? 14-02-2012 
56 PM Yousuf Raza Gilani was charged with contempt by the Supreme Court on?  13-02-2012
57 Which Pakistan cricketer made century befor lunch? Majid Khan 
58 How many balls in Snooker? 22
59 Meta dor is associated with?  Bullfighting 
60 First ODI played in Dubai on 13-02-12 Pakistan beat by England?  130 runs
61 Wind speed measure instrument? Amenometer
62 Study of skin? Dermotology
63 Parkinson is the deseses of? Brain
64 Which vitamin dies of heat? Vitamin C
65 Queen Elizabth celebrated her ___  year of theron? 60th
66 Saving Face documentary film directed by? Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy
67 Usama Bin Ladon assassinated on? 02-05-2011
68 Nusrat Bhutto died on? 23-10-2011
69 Dengue fever is caused by? Aedes aegypties
70 125 heart patients died in Punjab Institute of Cardiology due to drug named? Isotab
71 NAB was established on? 16-11-1999
72 What is the duration of remand under NAB? 30 days
73 Pakistan TV establish on? 26-11-1964
74 Punjab Tenancy ACT passed on? 23-09-1887
75 Blood study is the sience of? Hematology
76 Who was the first caption of Pakistan Cricket team? Abdul Hafeez Kardar
77 Which country did unofficial ban on Valentine's Day? Uzbekistan
78 Last Week of September 2012 was celebrated as? World Maritime Day
79 NATO attack on Salala check post? 26-11-2011
80 Pakistan grants India MFN (Most Favoured Nation) status on?  03-11-2011
81 Oncology is study of?  Cancer