Sentence Completion Test MCQs Set 4

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Sentence completion test MCQs Set 4. Sentence completion mcqs are the 1st question of the English section of any NTS, PPSC, FPSC, or CSS test. According to the needs of students, job seekers or the candidates who want to appear in any NTS, PPSC job test we start the sentence completion mcqs series. Every set comprise 20 multiple choice questions with answers. All the mcqs are taken from the past NTS, PPSC, CSS test. It should help you to prepare sentence completion section.

Sentence Completion Test MCQs Set 4

1. The revolution in art has not lost its steam; it ____ on as fiercely as ever.
A). trudges
B). meanders
C). edges
D). rages
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Correct: D

2. There are _______ views on the issue of giving bonus to the employees.
A). divergent
B). modest
C). independent
D). adverse
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Correct: A

3. Biological clocks are of such ____ adaptive value to living organisms, that we would expect most organisms to ____ them.
A). meager - evolve
B). significant - eschew
C). clear - avoid
D). obvious - possess
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Correct: D

4. The peasants were the least ____ of all people, bound by tradition and ____ by superstitions.
A). enfranchised - rejected
B). free - fettered
C). enthralled - tied
D). pinioned - limited
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Correct: B

5. He has _______ people visiting him at his house because he fears it will cause discomfort to neighbors.
A). requested
B). curtailed
C). stopped
D). warned
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Correct: C

6. If there is nothing to absorb the energy of sound waves, they travel on ____ , but their intensity ____ as they travel further from their source.
A). erratically - mitigates
B). indefinitely - diminishes
C). forever - increases
D). eternally - alleviates
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Correct: B

7. The two artists differed markedly in their temperaments; Palmer was reserved and courteous, Frazer ____ and boastful.
A). phlegmatic
B). choleric
C). constrained
D). tractable
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Correct: B

8. Although he never learn to read, his exceptional memory and enquiring mind eventually made him a very _______ man.
A). dedicated
B). erudite
C). pragmatic
D). benevolent
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Correct: B

9. In the Middle Ages, the ____ of the great cathedrals did not enter into the architects’ plans; almost invariably a cathedral was positioned haphazardly in ____ surroundings.
A). durability - convenient
B). location - apt
C). situation - incongruous
D). ambiance - salubrious
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Correct: C

10. The intellectual flexibility inherent in a multicultural nation has been ____ in classrooms where emphasis on British-American literature has not reflected the cultural ____ of our country.
A). eradicated - unanimity
B). encouraged - aspirations
C). stifled - diversity
D). thwarted - uniformity
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Correct: C

11. Unwilling to admit that they had been in error, the researchers tried to ____ their case with more data obtained from dubious sources.
A). ascertain
B). buttress
C). refute
D). absolve
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Correct: B

12. Unlike his calmer,more easygoing colleagues ,the senator was _________ ,ready to quarrel at the slightest provocation.
A). whimsical
B). irascible
C). ineffectual
D). gregarious
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Correct: B

13. The student was extremely foolhardy; he had the ____ to question the senior professor’s judgment.
C). interest
D). trepidation
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Correct: A

14. Archaeology is a poor profession; only ____ sums are available for excavating sites and even more ____ amounts for preserving the excavations.
A). paltry - meager
B). average - augmented
C). modest - generous
D). judicious - penurious
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Correct: A

15. Jill was ________ by her employees because she often _______ them for not working hard enough.
A). deified, goaded
B). loathed, berated
C). disregarded, eulogized
D). cherished, decided
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Correct: B

16. One ____ the new scheme is that it might actually ____ just those applicants that it was intended to encourage.
A). feature of - attract
B). problem with - induce
C). highlight of - stimulate
D). drawback of - daunt
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Correct: D

17. The formerly ____ waters of the lake have been polluted so that the fish are no longer visible from the surface
A). muddy
B). tranquil
C). stagnant
D). pellucid
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Correct: D

18. Reconstructing the skeletons of extinct species like dinosaurs is ________ process that requires much patience and effort by paleontologists.
A). a nascent
B). an aberrant
C). a worthless
D). an exacting
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Correct: D

19. Some critics maintain that Tennyson’s poetry is uneven, ranging from the ____ to the ____.
A). vacuous - inane
B). trite - inspired
C). succinct - laconic
D). sublime - elevated
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Correct: B

20. Corruption is ____ in our society; the integrity of even senior officials is ____.
A). growing - unquestioned
B). endangered - disputed
C). pervasive - intact
D). rife - suspect
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Correct: D

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