Everyday Science MCQs with Answers Set 10

everyday science multiple choice questions

Everyday science mcqs with answers set 10. In our life we experience new amazing things daily. We see them with our eyes but did not know what is the logic behind it. For example we heard the news that NASA launched new rocket to discover Mars. We watch the video of rocket flying but did not know how the rocket fly, which forces, gases, fuel required to lift off the rocket? what time and temperature required to safely launched the rocket?. We get all the answer if we know the basic concepts of science. Everyday science mcqs set includes the questions related to the basic science.

We put all the mcqs to prepare all types of NTS, PPSC, FPSC and others jobs tests. A candidate should prepare everyday science mcqs before appear in test. The following is the 10th everyday science mcqs set which includes 25 very important mcqs.

Everyday Science MCQs with Answers Set 10

1. The amount of energy provided by eggs is_____?
A). 80 K Calories 1100 gm
B). 100 K Calories / 100 gm
C). 1.50 K Calories / 100 gm
D). 180 K Calories / 100 gm
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Correct: D

2. The amount of energy required by the children of age between one to three years is_____?
A). 300 K Calories
B). 600,K Calories
C). 1200 K Calories
D). 1500 K Calories
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Correct: C

3. The major part of natural gas, petroleum and coal consist of_____?
A). Carbon dioxide
B). Chlorine
D). Methane
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Correct: D

4. Which one of the following is a metal____?
A). Gypsum
B). Iron
C). Limestone
D). granite
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Correct: B

5. What is used in making of alloys?
A). Gypsum
B). Granite
C). Chromium
D). Lime-stone
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Correct: C

6. Silica is used in_____?
A). Plastic making
B). Glass making
C). iron making
D). Wood making
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Correct: B

7. Plutonium is used as_____?
A). Fuel for nuclear fission
B). Fuel for nuclear fusion
C). Source of chemical energy
D). Source of light energy
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Correct: A

8. Which type of Uranium is used in the fission process?
A). Uranium — 234
B). Uranium — 235
C). Uranium — 236
D). Uranium — 237
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Correct: B

9. The large plates of solar panels are painted____?
A). Red
B). White
C). Yellow
D). Black
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Correct: D

10. Bio gas is the common name of_____?
A). Natural gas
B). Oxygen
C). Carbon dioxide
D). Nitrogen
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Correct: A

11. One thousand watt power is called as_____?
A). 0.5 kilowatt
B). 0.8 kilowatt
C). 1.0 kilowatt
D). 1.5 kilowatt
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Correct: C

12. The meter installed in our homes measure electricity in_____?
A). WKh
B). KWh
C). hKW
D). KhW
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Correct: B

13. One kilowatt-hour is the amount of electrical energy that is consumed by 1000 watt appliance in_____?
A). 30 minutes
B). 45 minutes
C). 1 hour
D). 1 hr and 15 minutes
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Correct: C

14. According to the definition of 1 KWh, a 100 watt bulb consumes one unit of electricity in_____?
A). 2 hours
B). 5 hours
C). 8 hours
D). 10 hours
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Correct: D

15. Units of electricity consumed by 2500 watt air-conditioner in one hour are____?
A). 25 units
B). 2.25 units
C). 2.5 units
D). 0.25 units
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Correct: C

16. In the electricity meter, the digit to the extreme right is_____?
A). 1/5th of the unit
B). 1/10th of the unit
C). 1/1130 of the unit
D). 1/1000th of the unit
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Correct: B

17. In which system of units, gas bills are charged?
A). SI
D). b and c
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Correct: C

18. In BTU system, one BTU is equal to_____?
A). 10.55 Joule
B). 1.055 Joule
C). 105.5 Joule
D). 10.55 Joule
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Correct: D

19. BTU is the abbreviation of_____?
A). British technical units
B). British thermal units
C). British textile units
D). British temperature units
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Correct: B

20. All forms of energy that we use are ultimately transformed into_____?
A). Electrical energy
B). Heat energy
C). Light energy
D). Chemical energy
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Correct: B

21. In which country alcohol is used as fuel for vehicles?
A). U.S.A
B). Brazil
C). Japan
D). Germany
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Correct: B

22. The device used for the measurement of current, voltage and resistance is_____?
A). AVO meter
B). Galvanometer
C). Ammeter
D). Ohmmeter
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Correct: A

23. Silicon is a _____?
A). Semi-conductor
B). Insulator
C). Superconductor
D). Conductor
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Correct: A

24. The speed of sound is_____?
A). 300 meter per second
B). 315 meter per second
C). 340 meter per second
D). 362 meter per second
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Correct: C

25. For sending sound waves at large distance, which waves are used?
A). Infrared waves
B). Radio waves
C). Light waves
D). X-waves
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Correct: B