Sentence Completion Test MCQs Set 5

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Sentence completion test mcqs set 5. Sentence completion mcqs included in almost all english competitive test. Usually a sentence contains one or two blanks, which to be filled in using the given choices. These mcqs questions especially examine your english vocabulary and knowledge. A good vocabulary can help you to solve mcqs easily. But you can use many strategies or techniques for these mcqs questions, even without knowing all the given choices.

Sentence completion mcqs are the first question of the English section in NTS, PPSC, FPSC, or CSS test. Before attempt this question read the full sentence thoroughly. Figure out the clues in the sentence, check the sentence nature either the sentence is negative or positive, try to fit the given choices which are closely related to the sentence.
According to the needs of students, job seekers or the candidates who want to appear in any NTS, PPSC job test we start the sentence completion mcqs series. Every set comprise 20 multiple choice questions with answers. All the mcqs are taken from the past NTS, PPSC, CSS test. It should help you to prepare sentence completion section.

Sentence Completion Test MCQs Set 5

1. He was treated like a ____ and cast out from his community.
A). ascetic
B). prodigy
C). prodigal
D). pariah
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Correct: D

2. Scrooge, in the famous novel by Dickens, was a ____ ; he hated the rest of mankind.
A). misanthrope
B). hypochondriac
C). philanthropist
D). hedonist
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Correct: A

3. Slaves were freed from _____ only after they died.
A). ablution
B). abolition
C). bondage
D). pilferage
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Correct: C

4. A businessman must widen his horizons; a ____ attitude will get you nowhere in this age of global communications.
A). moderate
B). petrified
C). comprehensive
D). parochial
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Correct: D

5. The teacher accused me of ____ because my essay was so similar to that of another student.
A). procrastination
B). plagiarism
C). celerity
D). confusion
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Correct: B

6. Our bookshelves at home display a range of books on wide-ranging subjects and in many languages, reflecting the ____ tastes of our family members.
A). anomalous
B). limited
C). eclectic
D). furtive
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Correct: C

7. "She was sorry she didn't attend her friend's wedding." "Yes, she ........."
A). was regretting she does not go
B). will regret she didn't go
C). regretted she can't have gone
D). was regretting that she she couldn't go
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Correct: D

8. People from all over the world are sent by their doctors to breathe the pure, ____ air in this mountain region.
A). invigorating
B). soporific
C). debilitating
D). insalubrious
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Correct: A

9. Plastic bags are ____ symbols of consumer society; they are found wherever you travel.
A). rare
B). ephemeral
C). ubiquitous
D). fleeting
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Correct: C

10. I suffer from no _____ about my capabilities.
A). illusion
B). doubts
C). hallucinations
D). imaginations
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Correct: A

11. As were many colonial administrators, Gregory was ____ in his knowledge of the grammar of the local language, though his accent was ____ .
A). deficient - poor
B). competent - adequate
C). faultless - awful
D). well-versed - effective
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Correct: C

12. After an initially warm reception by most reviewers and continued ____ by conservative thinkers, Bloom's work came under heavy fire.
A). criticism
B). endorsement
C). denigration
D). counterattack
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Correct: B

13. He took up the letter from the table and _____ it to his friend.
A). has been reading
B). has read
C). was reading
D). read
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Correct: D

14. There is a general ____ in the United States that our ethics are declining and that our moral standards are ____ .
A). feeling - normalizing
B). idea - futile
C). optimism - improving
D). complaint - deteriorating
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Correct: D

15. Through the 19th Century, the classics of Western Civilization were considered to be the ____ of wisdom and culture, and an ____ person - by definition- knew them well.
A). foundation - average
B). repository - educated
C). cornerstone - obtuse
D). font - ecclesiastical
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Correct: B

16. The artist had to ______ a lot before _______ recognized for his talent.
A). struggle, being
B). toil, he
C). practice, performing
D). effort, he was
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Correct: A

17. Homo sapiens, the proud splitter of the atom, inventor of the electronic computer, ____ of the genetic code may be humbled by a lowly ____ of the sewers and soils - the microbe.
A). designer - inhabitant
B). discoverer - rodent
C). writer - organism
D). decipherer - denizen
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Correct: D

18. In this biography we are given a glimpse of the young man ____ pursuing the path of the poet despite ____ and rejection slips.
A). doggedly - disappointment
B). tirelessly - encouragement
C). sporadically - awards
D). successfully - acclaim
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Correct: A

19. Most of the committee members _____ in favour of the ______ of a new dam in that village.
A). was, building
B). are, proposing
C). were, construction
D). still, breaking
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Correct: C

20. The threat of war, far from ____ , lay heavily in the air, and the villagers, while ____ going about their normal activities, were unable to shake off the feeling of impending catastrophe.
A). receding - ostensibly
B). diminishing - contentedly
C). increasing - apparently
D). escalating - joyfully
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Correct: A

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